Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LRB 365 Week 9

W9 D1 - 2.26.13

Squat:  5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 1x150, 1x155, 1x160, then 1x3 @ 130# (front squat)

DL:  5x170, 4x205, 3x240, 2x270, 1x300, 1x305, 1x325, then 1x3 @ 300#

DL @ 325# was tough . . . the heaviest weight I have dealifted in month.  Wasn't pretty, but was nice to get it up.  With the fact that I annihilated my legs with squat before DL makes me motivated that I can get more up on my DL if I were fresh and focused on DL.

Good start to the week.  Want to end strong in this first cycle of LRB 365.  Week 10 will be a 50% week . . . week 11 can be a test week, but not sure what I will do.  I might skip to week 12 and start the rotational part of the LRB 365 workout.

D2 2.28.13

BP:  5x100, 4x115, 3x135, 2x150, 1x160, 1x175, 1x185, then did AMAP @ 170# (got 8!)

Incline: 1x8 @ 75#
Flat flye:  1x20 @ 20#

Felt really good throughout on this workout.  The 8x170 puts me at the 210# max which would be a solid start to the LRB365 workout.  I emailed Paul Carter of lift-run-bang.com who created the program and I think next week I'm gonna do a 50% week and then get right into the next cycle.  I am super motivated right now and enjoying the gains I am making overall.

D3 3.2.13

2x12 chins
2x10@50# rows
1x8@75# shrugs
2x20@20# curls

Really focused on a solid warm up, mobility, sets/reps, ab work.  Cycle 1 is nearly finished.

Up next . . . a week of 50% deload workouts.  Then I will look at where I am and how I am feeling.  Right now, I am looking forward to cycle 2 - periodization.

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