Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some stuff I want to use

I came across the stuff at Exeter who has these problem sets . . . of which most are pretty difficult or at least challenge you to think outside the box a little, which I love.

So, I tried to start a math club (I had a student teacher at the time and was ready to hurt myself b/c I wasn't teaching) which lasted about 3 months, and I looked to use the problem sets.

Been reading some blogs (specifically which brought up the Exeter problem sets in one the posts . . . I think this is something I want to incorporate into my classes.  Just need to find a way . . . maybe devote a day - make it a challenge/competition.  I need to think about it.

Here's some other things that I'm thinking about:

1.  Multiple assessments / recurring topics - I can't test once, say oh you have it in September and not check for retention until December's semester final!!
2.  SBG - I love the idea because my job is to make my students stronger mathematically, but even more to appreciate the math, to learn to strive and persevere through the ups/downs of class (uh and life!).


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creating Assessments - Unit 0

Here's my quick write up of Unit 0 quick assessments. Looking at creating something "larger" that students must complete to show understanding (i.e. interview, online journal, poster/video how to, etc.).

Unit 0 Assessments

It's a start . . . will begin to look at Unit 1 Intro to Functions tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Geometry Year Overview

Going to take the idea of gaming and introducing into my Geometry course this year.  I find that each year I do less teaching and more scenario/situation type work.  For instance, instead of taking the students through an activity where they draw a triangle, measure the 3 angles, then add the 3 angles . . . now I will just have them show me that that the triangle sum is 180 degrees using at least 2 different methods (i.e. GeoGebra, paper/pencil/protractor, etc.).

Also, I am going to create Geometry Ranks (taken from the USMC - United States Marine Corps).  As a student makes his/her way through each section they will earn a part of their badge - the bade will be displayed in the classroom and the student will be able to decorate this as they receive badges.  Also, I hope to post the badges (i.e. leaderboard) online - not sure how yet.  So looking for ideas!

Also, each student is going to create an Lego Avatar for the year . . . may change it to fit the seasons but have heard how this helps with some students being a little less apprehensive about doing things and also taps into the creativity group that we all have in our classes.  I can't wait to see this.

Planning on using journaling this year as well so will be using google docs Google Student site quite a bit . . . hopefully daily  .

Here's a quick glance at my Geometry Ranks (not sure how to differentiate Honors Geometry in terms of rank other than the expectations are higher; I may look at using a different rank system but think that'll be confusing and a royal pain for me).

The underlined sections are breaks for the unit - so #1-3 are a Unit focusing on technology, geogebra, and constructions.

Geometry Ranks

  1. Private - Avatar creation / Googlesite set up
  2. Private First Class - GeoGebra Essentials
  3. Lance Corporal - Construction Zone A
  4. Corporal - Geometry Definitions
  5. Sergeant - Congruency
  6. Staff Sergeant - Transformations
  7. Geometry Sergeant - Proof
  8. Master Sergeant - Triangle Property Proofs
  9. First Sergeant - Parallelogram Property Proofs
  10. Master Geometry Sergeant - Construction (Inscribed / Circumscribed)
  11. Sergeant Major - Dilations
  12. Sergeant Major of the Geometry Corp - Triangle Similarity
  13. Warrant Officer 1 - Indirect Measure
  14. Chief Warrant Officer 2 - Project
  15. Chief Warrant Officer 3 - Coordinate Geometry
  16. Chief Warrant Officer 4 - Slope
  17. Chief Warrant Officer 5 - Midpoint
  18. Second Lieutenant - Distance
  19. First Lieutenant - Circle Characteristic / Properties
  20. Captain - Circle Equation / Parabolas
  21. Major -  Volume
  22. Lieutenant Colonel - Trigonometry
  23. Colonel - Pythagorean Theorem
  24. Brigadier Colonel - Final Project A
  25. Major General - Final Project B
  26. General - Final Project C

Next step is to create a grading/scoring rubric for the different ranks - as we all know, just because I am now a Lance Corporal doesn't necessarily mean I'm an expert at GeoGebra but I did complete the required steps. So, I need to create some levels - looking at using stars or some type of rewards (i.e. purple hearts) - need to research this idea.

Also, I am looking at having students build their Geometry backpack through the completion of extra work - origami activities, exeter problems, Algebra reviews, and so on. I am looking for android apps to use for this.

I wanted to get an overall feel as to what to cover and where before I created my online learning environment. Now I will need to look at Algebra from the big picture as well.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Geometry Unit 1

Starting to turn my attention to Geometry a little now . . . specifically Unit 1 Definitions/Rigid Motions.

Here's a quick glance of the topics I plan to cover:

1-1 Definitions
  • points, lines, planes
  • segments, rays
  • angles
  • angle pairs
  • triangle types
  • parallel lines/perpendicular lines (including proofs)
1-2 Congruency

  • triangle congruence / proof
1-3  Transformations
  • translations, reflections, rotations, glide reflections
  • coordinate rules
Trying to figure out how to set up #flipclass style for these . . . I feel like the definitions are better set up for in class projects/assignments / congruency is a hands on inductive/deductive experience / transformations is so much of a "just do it and observe" topic - I am going to need to set up a solid set of "workouts" for this unit for sure.

Not sure how to incorporate video with this . . . will have to be creative.

Algebra Unit 1: Functions

1A:  Coordinate Plane
1B:  Relations-Domain-Range-Mapping
1C:  Tables & Relations
1D:  Graphing Linear Functions
1E:  Exponential Functions
1F:  Functions

Have almost all the videos for this Unit 1 completed.

I am going to have to put a lot of time & effort into my classwork assignments for this Unit . . . going to need a lot of reflection, discussion, collaboration/group work to go beyond the basic idea.