Thursday, January 17, 2013

LRB365 Week 3

Day 1:  1.15.13

Squats:  5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 1x150, 1x55, 1x160 (then did another 1x160)
*both @ 160# sucked - realization = leave my ego at the door & drop the goal weight

Front Squats - 2x3 @ 130# (tough, not pretty in any way)

DL:  5x145, 4x175, 3x200, 2x230, 1x255, 1x260, 1x270, then 2x3 @ 230
*felt strong throughout - feel like the wt is where I need to be at right now.

Leg Curls - 4x20 @ 100#

Day 2:  1.17.13

BP:  5x85, 4x100, 3x115, 2x130, 1x140, 1x150, 1x160, 135xAMAP (got 15 reps!)
*felt really solid on bench today - busted the weight up smooth and strong

Incline - 5x10 @ 65#

Flat flye - 2x20 @ 20#
Pushdowns - 4x20 @ 20#
*assistance work felt strong and seems to fill the gaps in and sap my last bits of energy!

chins 5xAMAP (10,10,5,4,4 = 33 total reps) - stamina/endurance on this sucks!
rows 4x10 @ 50#
shrugs 4x20 @ 60#
curls 4x20 @ 20#
solid workout - I don't know if it's cuz there isn't a true "main lift" but this workout was less than what I was hoping overall for the 2nd week in a row.  might be the timing of it - end of the week / body/mind tired.  ready to attack phase 2!
Really need to take a good look at the weights I am using . . . especially with squats.  And this blog post that I read (click here) just makes me realize that I need to let my ego go and program smarter for better, bigger, sustainable gains.
Also, just got Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 book in the mail - jacked up to read it!  And, right there on page 8 in bold its says, "Train light"!

Thanks to Paul Carter and Jim Wendler - worth your time and effort to read and learn from . . . not only for lifting, but life.

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