Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remind101 & PollEverywhere

Here are two online programs I am using with my classes.

Remind101 (

Started to use this program with my Geometry/Honors Geometry classes.  How it works:  I type a message and click send.  The message is sent to my students' cell phone via a text message.  Great way to remind the students about assignments, materials to bring to class, etc.  Also, it's a one way messenger . . . meaning the teacher doesn't receive any random replies (which I think is great!).

There is also an option to send the message to email (I like the text option because it's instant - easy for last minuter reminders).  Student sign up was easy and so far has worked great!

PollEverywhere (

I am planning on using this for warm-ups & quick-checks during class periods.  I have not used this program yet and plan to use it in all my classes in some form or another.  So, I will update this post with my thoughts on PollEverywhere.  UPDATE:  My students and I had our first experience with polleverywhere today and it was interesting . . . I really like the multiple choice option.  The open ended question scares me with the students being in control of the responses that get posted.  But I think it's going to be a great class opener and ender for sure.

I will say that the set up of my account, polls, grouping them, etc. has been super easy.  Hopefully the same can be said for my students and the classes. 

Til then . . . happy teachings!

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