Tuesday, September 25, 2012

C7 W1 Strictly 531

After talking with my wife about life, teaching, and working out I realized that I was overtraining . . . leading myself to be less than average in all aspects of my life.  I am gearing things down and focusing my workouts strictly on the 531 lifts and on mobility before/after workouts and at night.

Here goes nothin'!  Truth!

Tuesday - OHP 9.25

warm-up:  2xbarx10, 2x50x5, 2x65x5, 80x3

5/5/5:  85x5, 95x5, 110x6 (goal was to get 5+)

Focused on shoulder mobility and stretching my back.  I did a few sets of chins in the 5/5/5 part of the workout.

Wednesday - DL

warm-up:  2x135x5, 2x175x5, 210x3

5/5/5:  225x5, 260x5, 295x6 (goal 5+)

Felt really strong with DL today.  Solid lifts all around.

Thursday - BP

warm-up:  barx20, 2x75x5, 2x105x5, 115x3

5/5/5:  135x5, 155x5, 180x2 (goal 5+)

Poundages set using 100% of my TM - was too much!!  So, I am revamping my weights for BP using 90% of my TM.  Live & learn.  The presses are easily my weakest areas at the moment.

Going to begin working out just 3x per week flipping DL/Squat - not sure if I'll do that weekly or monthly.  We will see.

Saturday - small workout - 100 curls with 20# on bar + 4 trips with 35# dbs farmer's walk.

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