Saturday, September 1, 2012

Geometry "Badge of Honor"

"Badge of Honor" - google drawing (simplistic rendition) - I hope to include some pictures as the year goes along of actual student created badges.

The "Badge of Honor" is a way for my students to have ownership of their learning, along with getting some positive feedback along the way.  The "Badge of Honor" goes along with my idea of Geometry Ranks.

Students will have Missions to complete.  As the students complete a mission, then I will give them a new rank and badge.  Each badge will be placed on the "Badge of Honor" as a representation of the student's achievement.

This is the first time I have tried this and hope that it goes well.  I love giving students the opportunity to tap into their creative side and so I can see this changing and morphing as the year goes on . . . but the basic premise will still remain the same.

*note:  Student is given Rank:  Private by being enrolled in my class.  There is no insignia in the Marines for the rank of Private.

Mission #1
  • Basic Constructions with compass/ruler (in future this will be using GeoGebra but due to technology issues this year we'll go with old school) = copy segment, angle bisector, copy angle, perpendicular bisector, parallel lines, equilateral triangle, square, & hexagon inscribed in a circle.
  • Avatar - students will create their avatar for the course - this will be affixed to the student's "Badge of Honor".
  • "Badge of Honor" - students will create the "Badge of Honor"
  • Line Design - first project of the year - will be affixed to the "Badge of Honor"
  • Google site (not sure on this one due to technology hiccups - *fingers crossed*) - students will use a template to create their student site for my Geometry class.
Completion of Mission #1will earn the student the Rank:

Private First Class

Insignia the students will receive & place on their "Badge of Honor":

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