Friday, October 19, 2012

Math App Competition (MAC) #1 - Pick A Path by NCTM

click here to download/install app Pick A Path by NCTM
Math App Competition #1 - Pick A Path by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Started my first Math App Competition (MAC) with my all my students today.  And it went really really well.  There are 7 levels, each with 7 sets of puzzles to be completed . . . the scoring system is similar to Angry Birds & Bad Piggies . . . you have a goal to reach and receive stars depending on how well you do in your efforts to reach that goal.  So, if a student completes a perfect level they will earn 21 stars.

For the competition, for the students to earn "points" they must complete an entire level of 7 puzzles, screenshot their scorecard, and email the scorecard to me.

Then I post the scores on the MAC Leaderboard (click here).  The MAC Leaderboard is a google spreadsheet . . .

Here's the best part . . . I have students of verying abilities and effort levels and motivation levels and so on and so on.  All of them are competitive and want to do well in this endeavor.  Here's an example:  student is going to receive a C for the first quarter in my Algebra class.  He just sent me his scorecard screenshot of level with a perfect 21 stars!  Here's the bonus:  he sent it at 5:30 this afternoon (which by the way is a Friday!).  So, here is a student whose been inconsistent in regards to effort and comprehension at times and he's working on these puzzles 2 hours after school has let out!  That's AWESOME!

That is the biggest lesson I am taking from this competition already . . . all my students from Algebra to Honors Geometry were getting frustrated with the puzzles . . . they are not straight forward and can take multiple tries to complete.  What a great reminder and eye opener for the students to force them to work through sticking points and to finally have SUCCESS!

The competition will run through the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Break (November 16th).  But, I have a feeling that some students are going to complete the 7 levels well before that date.  Right now I am looking at crowning a champion and the top 10 . . .

Math App Competition #1 - Pick A Path by NCTM

I am hoping to do more competitions throughout the school year - if you know of any other good mathematics apps for Android, please share!  Thanks!

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  1. Kieron, This is awesome and I am so proud you are an educator at Edgewood! I love the story about students who are working on math, after school, at the end of the quarter! Give yourself a pat on the back! Put those feet up and take a break! Have a great weekend!