Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Quarter Review - One Week Left

First off . . . the Android Acer has changed the whole dynamics of my classroom.  I have gone nearly paperless for close to two weeks now!!  And I love it.  The students are doing really well with the new software programs and the numerous steps that are being thrown at them.

This coming week is the final week of the quarter so . . .

Algebra - end of quarter assessment!  Here's a link to the topics / practice problems:  click here
This quarter has been about developing student confidence in their ability, creating trust between students and between students and I, as we move onto the second quarter and more difficult material.

Geometry - my focus in here has really been on the use of projects to fill in the gaps for the students.  Battering students with notes & worksheets becomes tedious and I really question how much the students are learning in this type of set up.  So, students are creating and creating and creating some more.  I will share a picture of my Honors Geometry Amalgamation projects when I get a chance.  They are awesome and we made a "visual quilt" out of them!!

Next quarter tech goals:  student google sites!  use progressbook with students!  use socrative on the Acer!  continue to create a better google class site!

Check out my class site if you get a chance . . . I would love feedback as right now all I am doing if throwing stuff on it, but am looking for a better more fluid way to present material.

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