Thursday, August 8, 2013


Grades (Random Thoughts)

  • More worried about mastery than playing the points game.  Can the student successfully complete a certain mathematics problem?  Yes or No.  If yes, great, let's move on.  If no, then we need to work to strengthen that student's weakness.
  • How do I put this into a gradebook which deals strictly with points, percents, etc.?  Where is the opportunity to write comments, observations .... feedback, feedback, feedback?
  • Core standards, Intermediate standards, Advanced standards
    • core - base skills that everyone is expected to be able to solve
    • intermediate - more complex than core (i.e. fractions, decimals, etc.)
    • advanced - complex, challenging
  • Want to try something like the equation below to formulate overall grades for units (again goes to how to show this in my online gradebook) ...

  • Creation of the core, intermediate, advanced standards also something I need to address.

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