Thursday, August 8, 2013

Algebra I - Unit 1

Shelly and I met this week to lay out our "topics" for Algebra I - Unit 1.  This unit will get us to the first midterm of the year and should give both of us a better idea of strengths/weaknesses of our students/classes overall.

Unit 1 - Base Skills

Algebraic Expressions
Solve Equations (One Step / Two Step)
Solve Multi-step Equations
Solve Equations involving Distributive Property
Solve Two Sided Equations
Word Problems:  Set up & Solve One Step/Two Step Equations
Word Problems:  Solve Multi-step Equations
Word Problems:  Solve Equations involving Distributive Property
Word Problems:  Solve Two Sided Equations

There are "Skill Checks" for each topic - checking for mastery - these can be retaken to improve scores.  Specifics of retakes and improving understanding still in the works.
We are going to give end of unit assessments - common.  We have one created for this Unit.

*We also want to work on strengthening our students' mathematic vocabulary, but are unsure how to best go about doing this.

Kieron Boyle
Edgewood High School
Freshman Experience Algebra

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