Sunday, August 5, 2012

GeoGebra - first weeks of Geometries!

First couple week goals for Geometry classes:

1.  Googlesite - eportfolio
2.  Mini-Lego Avatar
3.  GeoGebra (d'oh)

4.  itslearning - going to use this site for assignments (descriptions/how to videos) - will use GoogleSite for displaying student creations/journaling - should be a great way to follow student growth and understanding throughout the entire year.

I still need to set up the Geometry Military Ranks so students can follow their progress (training) and see how they stack up with their classmates.  May use their ranks as part of project during the semester.

Does anyone use gaming or ongoing competition in their classroom?  If so, how do you set it up and run it?  Please share!

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