Sunday, August 5, 2012

Differentiating Algebra

Here's my plan to differentiate Algebra I this upcoming school year & include some SBG/flipclass ideas:

1.  Create topics list.
2.  Create assessments for each topic (pre-assessment).
3.  Use the pre-assessments to gauge student ability.
4.  Table groupings (we do not have desks in the classroom).

  • Video Viewing - student has little to no idea whatsoever how to complete the problems.
  • Basic Practice (proficiency) - could be a set of problems in the book/worksheet, matching activity, etc. - really looking to create opportunities for repetition.
  • High Performing - this group would be looking at more difficult types of problem sets (i.e. involving fractions, decimals, word problems).
  • Topic Capstone - student creations!  Students will create quizzes, how to videos, worksheets, peer teach a student in one of the lower levels.
5.  Assessment will be ongoing - each topic will be assessed, but then there will a larger unit assessment as well.  That way if a student is having an issue with a topic I can continue to work with that student throughout the year.

One of the major issues I run into each year is trying to give the stronger students opportunities to branch out more in a topic and to tap into their knowledge levels.  These students traditionally seem to be the ones who want to share their know how and I think the high performing/topic capstone is a great spot for them.

My hope is that I could get all my students into the high performing level, but am not sure if that's realistic.  The first few weeks the students will be focusing on evaluating expressions/distributive property/equations vs expressions vs inequalities, solving equations,  and solving inequalities/graphing solutions.

I plan to use a color coded style of grading to keep track of the strengths/weaknesses of my students - then use that to create a percentage grade.  Still working on that idea.

The flipclass idea is one that fits my teaching style.  I want to spend the majority of my time working with students to make them mathematically successful.  I see the use of video/how-to's as a supplement to the classwork.  I understand that there will be topics/strategies that I will need to complete with the entire group of students, and I will plan accordingly.  I think that will be a great opportunity to keep things in perspective for myself and the students as well.

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