Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LRB Week 22

Really focused for this week, as the next is my off week and the family and I are headed to Florida!!  I cannot wait ... works out perfectly that this week is the rest week in LRB365.  Loving the gains I am making with LRB.  The gym I had been using went under so that's changed my plans for the summer a bit.

5.27.13 - weighted vest

5.28.13 (first day at the school gym - TAC went under!!  Major suckage!!)

DL:  5x135, 4x160, 3x195, 2x230, 1x260, 1x275, 1x285 ; 1x5@260#

Ladder #1 - BW Squats + Sit ups + Chins + Push ups

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