Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 10 LRB 365 - Deload Week

Setting this week up using Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 deload week - 40%, 50%, 60%

3.5.13 Day 1

Squats: 4x5@70#, 4x5@85#, 4x5@100#
MP:  4x5@50#, 4x5@60#, 4x5@70#

Did squats+MP in super set fashion.  Just wanted to get in 10 solid sets (4@40%, 4@50%, 2@60%).

Felt really good.  Want to work on mobility and stretching this week.

Follow up:  It's the next day and I got a snow day from school.  Also, I am sore throughout my upper legs and hips.  Really gonna focus on mobility & stretching throughout today.

3.6.13 - Shoveled my driveway & cleaned up branches that had fallen due to the snow.  Heavy snow!!


DL+BP deload day

DL+BP for 10 sets:  4 sets @135#+80#, 4 sets @ 170#+100#, 2 sets @ 205#+120#

Really tried to focus on technique today - did a solid warm up prior to the workout.  Did some abs along with some lower back strength work.

My body feels strong and I am raring to start the next cycle of LRB 365.  I will outline the cycle in my next blogpost.

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