Thursday, December 27, 2012

LRB 365 Sample Workout

So I got the book Strength, Life, Legacy written by Paul Carter, who I follow on his blog is  Paul has great insight on working out and life - any of the stuff he writes is worth the time to read.

I wanted to try out some of his workout templates during my holiday break.  So, completed one this morning (one word = brutal!).


Squat - Strong-15 (using 200# as goal wt. - might look to lower this so I can focus on my technique)

5x100#, 4x115#, 3x135#, 2x150#, 1x155#, 1x165#, 1x175#

Pause Squats - Strong-15

2 x 5 @ 115#
*Note:  Really want to work on getting solid full squats completed.  Up to this point I have been doing box squats which I think hurts my overall range of motion, so I will need to check my ego and drop the weight quite a bit on squat.  At least until my technique improves.

DL - Strong-15 (using 290# as goal wt.)

5x115#, 4x145#, 3x175#, 2x200#, 1x230#, 1x245#, 1x255#, BO 3x3 @ 200#

Leg Curls (standing single leg)

4 x 20 @ lowest wt. possible - my hamstrings were crushed this time in the workout.

Overall, I like the challenge - I will need to really look at the selection of weights so I'm not blowing myself up early on in the program.

12.28.12 - Back & Biceps

5xAMAP chins (14, 10, 8, 8, 5 = 45 total reps)
4x20 @ 60# db rows
4x20 @ 60# db shrugs
4x20 @ 20# db curls

My legs are fried from yesterday's workout - especially my groin and my butt.  But, I love it b/c I know I worked them well and this should lead to growth/strength.  Haven't really felt sore after a workout in a long time.  Today's work was solid - the volume and higher reps is new for me so after about 10-12 reps the rest are a bit of a test - which is awesome!

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