Monday, November 26, 2012


IDK - that's the response I got today on my Parallelograms Pre-Assessment.

The students had to find slope of a line on a graph, slope of a line given two points, and then do the same using the distance formula.  They also were asked to sketch a parallelogram on a coordinate axis and explain why the shape was a parallelogram.

IDK - that was the answer I got the most on the pre-assessment.

That's not what bothers me or even caused me to write this blog post . . . IT ENDED THERE!

There were no "freak out sessions" or "how do I do this?" or "show me how to do #2!".

Did I miss something?  Where's the intrinsic motivation?  These students are "ahead" of their peers . . . ?

So, I worked with one student who actually knew how to complete the problems (referencing the pythagorean theorem!) and another student asked for help with her polyhedron project.

Yet once again . . . it is me who is stressed and frustrated with the progress of the students.  The students are just hunky dorie!

Let me think about what to do . . . IDK!

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