Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unit Layout

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I want things to flow on my google site ( in regards to information shared with the student, assessments, assignments, etc. etc.

I have a more solid idea now thanks to Andy Schwen ( who has developed google forms that collect assessment/assignment data and puts it into graphs/tables to look for strengths/weaknesses.

I really thought about using Mr. Schwen's system but then what about itslearning LMS that the school purchased.  itslearning does the same things as his system.  And I can learn with other teachers with itslearning as they progress through the learning management system (LMS).

Here's my Unit Layout (as of today!):

  1. Units (per CCSS traditional layout)
  2. Sections (based upon the CCSS / my development of "standards" students must meet
    1. Pre-Assessment (online / googlesite) - if 80% or higher can skip lower level of section assignment sheet
    2. Powerpoint (notes / focus will be on vocabulary) - posted on google site
    3. Problem Solving Video - flipclass (googlesite)
    4. Assessments (googlesite)
  3. Assignments - this will be the "in class" side of things.  I want to create an assignment sheet up that uses Bloom's Taxonomy to increase the levels of the points earned for specific types of questions.  i.e
      1. Knowledge / Knowledge Mastery (1 point)
      2. Comprehension / Comprehension Mastery (2 points)
      3. Application / Application Mastery (3 points)
      4. Analysis / Analysis Mastery (4 points)
      5. Synthesis / Synthesis Mastery (5 points)
      6. Evaluation / Evaluation Mastery (6 points)
    1. This will be the most difficult part for me . . . going beyond basic knowledge/comprehension.  I will set it up like a Crossfit WOD - certain types of problems that fit into the "areas" listed above.  Once I get one created I will post it.
    2. Thinking I may end up grouping 1/2 together, 3/4 together, 5/6 together . . .
    3. My struggle the past few years is differentiating my instruction - it's the 1/3 principle - 1/3 of the students have it before I teach it, 1/3 will get it once they get a "glimpse" of the material, and the final 1/3 need my intervention throughout.  How I can keep the 1/3 challenged without moving ahead of the bottom 1/3 has been my issue - I feel like I tailor my instruction for the middle/bottom and want to turn that around to be the middle/top.
I have been a lot of thinking, and not as much doing because I have felt like I've needed to get a better grasp of how I wanted to get the information to the students, how to assess them, and how I wanted to create assignments in class - I want to focus more on the standards (not ready to jump 100% into standards based grading yet) and not so much on effort points . . . more on knowledge points.

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